Liberty Bell: Journey to Chicago

New York Times, April 26, 1893


PHILADELPHIA, April 25.—The train bearing Liberty Bell left the Broad Street station of the Pennsylvania Railroad at 10 o’clock this morning for Chicago.  A party of forty, including Mayor Stuart, the Joint World’s Fair Committee of councils were on board.  The train consisted of the bell car, a combination car, three sleepers, and a dining car.

As the train drew out of Harrisburg, parents handed their children over the rails to kiss the bell, while others got the four reserve policemen to rub metals or trinkets against the relic to obtain souvenirs of the occasion.

At Sunbury, Borough Solicitor Chipman briefly introduced Mayor Stuart, who made a short address.  Chairman Smithers and President Miles of the Select Council also spoke.

At Williamsport it seemed as if all Lycoming County had turned out to honor the bell.  Addresses were made by Mayor Elliot of Williamsport, Mayor Stuart, Director Beitler, and Common Councilman Anderson.  The greatest enthusiasm prevailed.

At Lancaster the fire engines were all at the  station blowing their whistles, and a brass band played.

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